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Nolvadex (active component - Tamoxifen) is anti-estrogen medication against breast cancer.
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Nolvadex personal review from our customer
I was a bit nervous when it came to my first cycle of anabolic steroids despite being around the bodybuilding scene for over 15 years. I have been a member of various bodybuilding message boards for that duration and along the way, made some mental notes and did a great deal of research on the various steroid boards. I knew that it was important to have post cycle therapy, or PCT, ready to go after the cycle ended in order to jumpstart my natural Testosterone levels back and to reduce the increase in Estrogen that happens after a cycle ends. I was aware of all the incidents of people getting Gynecomastia, Gyno, or what is known as "bitch tits" from not paying attention to their post cycle therapy. Gyno is a fatty deposit that feels like a lump near your nipple region and is not only painful, but it will take surgery to remove. You basically have three options. One, do not do any Post cycle Therapy and run the risk of possibly getting Gyno after the cycle ends. Two, do no post cycle therapy and if you get gyno, get it surgically cut out and removed as it will never come back. Or three, protect yourself with Post Cycle Therapy to avoid any gyno and save a trip to a plastic surgeon so you don't have to have a costly medical procedure done.
Clearly, the third option is the wisest choice and it was the choice that I made. Nolvadex is universally agreed upon that when properly taken post cycle, it prevents Gyno from forming at all. The results across all the bodybuilding message boards speak for themselves. The verdict is in, Nolvadex works. I knew this going into my first cycle and knew that Nolvadex would be an essential part of my post cycle regimen. I was going to run a 12 week cycle with Nolvadex, a common cycle put together by a National Level competitor. He assured me that I would not get Gyno as long as I took my Nolvadex properly. He has been doing this for over 20 years and he never once had Gyno and had always taken Nolvadex so I completely trusted him along with all the prior information I had collected throughout the years on the internet and from various bodybuilding message boards.
I felt completely safe in this regard and after my first cycle was complete, I had absolutely no issues. It is now 3 months later and I had no inkling of Gyno since and will not have a chance to get it. Nolvadex works and it works well. Simply put, if you do not want Gyno, take Nolvadex and make sure you have it on hand at all times. Best estrogen blocker possible.

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